Property Developtment & Management

„We strive to be resourceful, responsive and attentive to every prospective client looking to purchase, sell or lease real estate or personal property.“


Prime Time Property Development & Management (PD&M) focuses on the most efficient alternative to get our partners through all the sensitive phases of establishing their business concepts on the emerging Romanian real estate market.


Prime Time PD&M will be the liaison between the local authorities and business partners, incorporating your interest and regulating the technical, financial and legal aspects.


Real estate consultancy
Our real estate consultancy service will guide you to invest properly in real estate with hassle.

Prime Time PD&M will provide for any of your acquisitions specific services, enabling you a smooth process through a profitable investment.


From our services, you can choose:


  • Real estate market research, which will identify various placements of your future property, price ranges and de facto situations of the asset.
  • Legal and fiscal due diligence study in order to grant the deal a proper warranty.
  • Post acquisition activities required upon the purchase of a new property.

Real estate development
Our experts will provide technical and legal assistance in construction planning, budgeting, project management and implementation.


Prime Time PD&M will provide you the complete recipe of getting your project through all the needed phases of your business plan:


  • Urban study
  • Feasibility study including technical studies such as geotechnical, topographical and hydro-technical studies
  • Further studies requested by the authorities to obtain approvals for the permitting phase.


Our expertise will accompany your interest by providing technical and legal assistance, offers and bidding selection management, construction and/or preconstruction budgeting and follow-up.


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