Translation Services

„Communication is the base essence to achieve your determined business goal. We lift the language barrier because we speak the same language.”


Prime Time Translation Services offers competent language assistance, a key issue for businesses coming from abroad to Romania. Beside excellent language skills we also have the necessary abilities to facilitate a clear and smooth communication between Romanian and foreign business partners.
Our translation service competent language assistance, hence making it easier for your business to thrive without language barriers.

Intercultural Communication


Entering a new environment means getting to know a country and culture and requires understanding the way people think and work there. It means establishing new business contacts and developing communication skills suitable for this kind of new market.


Translation Services
We provide corporate and authorized translations into different languages both in written and oral form, likewise converting business documents from one language to another.

  • authorized translations from and into any language
  • written specialized translations in various fields: legal, economics, environment, technical translations



Interpretation Services
We provide simultaneous interpretations between languages including the technical terminologies and jargons.

  • simultaneous interpretation, including necessary technical equipment i.e. interpretation booths, microphones, headsets
  • consecutive interpretation (interpretation is provided following the speaker’s statement)
  • chuchotage (whispered interpretation)


Language Training
We offer language training from basic to advance level in English, German and Romanian Languages.

  • language course Romanian, beginner or advanced level
  • language course German, beginner or advanced level
  • language course English, beginner or advanced level


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